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The Finger Food Market Needed A Shake Up

Prepare to indulge your senses as we take you through a tantalising tale. But before you do, you may want to nab one of our mini, mouth-watering morsels to accompany you as you get ready to embark on a flavour-filled journey that will redefine your snacking experience.

Like any good culinary story, this one starts with a dream and passion for food. Karllie’s journey begins with a Food Science degree. From New Zealand to global markets, Karllie thrived in product development, sales, and marketing. When Fleur Foods came on the market in 2016, Karllie and Hayden seized the opportunity to purchase their very own culinary business. Balancing a bustling household and a cutting-edge food factory, they mastered the art of irresistible delicacies in the realm of gourmet finger food.

Food brings people together, but Karllie knows that good food keeps them coming back. This is why you’ll most likely find her either in the kitchen where she enjoys concocting new creations, meeting customers on the road, or developing strategies to plate up their finger-lickin’, lip-smackin’, gourmet poppas on more tables across Aotearoa.

Karllie’s husband Hayden, the factory maestro, ensures seamless operations and upholds the highest quality standards. Being proudly Tauranga-based with their local team of talented chefs and food technologists, Fleur Foods is constantly striving for perfection to create delicious food delivered to the table in minutes. Passionate and dedicated, they take immense pride in serving pure deliciousness, each pocket-sized bite at a time.

Karllie and Hayden pour their hearts into crafting food that satisfies even their own family’s cravings. Rooted in their love for all things local, they join forces with exciting collaborators bound by the same set of values. A sizzling alliance ignited with HELL pizza, fuelled by shared values. Even those cheeky devils can’t resist these delectable Kiwi-made nibbles, meticulously crafted to appease every savoury craving.

Whether paired with a beer, savoured amidst the delightful chaos of a dinner party, or cherished during intimate family moments at the dinner table, these delectable delights are meant to elevate every occasion. Let the flavours dance on your palate, creating memories that will linger long after the last bite.